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I made these sleeves in a totally jackass sort of way-- sorry. They have no basis in historical reality at all, I made them so they would be super easy to wear and alter, meaning they needed to be one piece and have an inner seam that completly controls the size of the sleeve. I have thought of a better way to make them easier to deal with, but naturally I didn't think of it until everything was all done. Whoops. Always learning! I wonder when everything will stop being a prototype??
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The bodice fronts came together pretty smoothly, which is totally not normal!

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In the continuation of the Violet gown, I painstakingly cut out all the remaining pieces needed, sliced up and prepped the furbelow strips, and then was suddenly struck to make the stomacher first. I usually leave the stomacher until last, but couldn't this time-- with such a meager amount of fabric left, I had to make sure I had what I needed for the stomacher, and then I could fudge the skirt furbelows with scrap-pieced strips. Couldn't do that with the stomacher! It's such a focal point I wanted it to be lovely-- and I wanted it to be echelle.

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There is a distinct possibility that I will be able to attend Costume College next year, and have decided to join the Court Ensembles Project created by Kendra over at Demode Couture. So many people have already staked claims to so many amazing gowns! I hope they all come into fruition, because wouldn't that just be amazing?

Anyway, Here is the gown I have chosen to emulate:


Isn't it gorgeous?! I have been loving it for quite a while now, and finally have an "excuse" to make it!  It's sitting in the Museum of London, and I wish I could find better photos of it, but so far, no-- just tiny ones. I suppose I could buy a copy, and it may come to that!

I have no idea what color it will be, but I love fabric shopping so it will be super fun to find just the right thing! I have a lot of time to make this dress, and yet no time at all. Must stay organized and progressive!

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You know, I couldn't decide between two stomacher styles...

So I made both!


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I have sleeves!

They are not yet attached to the main gown, but will be tomorrow. I began to set them, scoffing at the people who call sleeves sleevils. And you know what happened? THEY TURNED SLEEVIL.  It's really awkward getting in there and I kept catching the lining in the seam allowance and enough was enough. Tomorrow I'll tackle it with a fresh head.

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Finally got the skirt fronts attached to the bodice fronts.  Took me all friggin' day, not sure why.  Probably because I fuss and fuss and do and re-do over and over again.  I wonder what it would be like to just slap something together and say, There! Done! and not notice the slightest wonkiness and waste the day trying to get rid of it. I just can't do it. I'm not even a perfectionist (obviously, I'm a total slob and nothing I've ever made has been perfect) So I don't know why I can't just get on with the project instead of miring up getting rid of a wrinkle or whatever. I'm not even successful! I just waste days trying to get it right. Oh well.

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It took me days and days and days to finish this-- end of summer with school looming next week is always a time sucker. Darn kids neeeding clothes and haircuts and school supplies and such.  Earlier in the summer I thought I could FOR SURE get these two gowns done-- ha! What a joke on me that was. Oh well, there is really no due date, I just want to get them done ASAP... so I will keep plugging along, even if it takes me days and days.

If you are looking for an authentic way to put together a historical Robe a la Francaise, you will be disappointed in me. I am cobbling this bodice together with a method I made up with no thought to historicality at all.  The gown is for a dancer, so she needs to be able to dress herself and not wear any stays. This is what I came up with to accomodate her needs.

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taupe robe a la francaise back asssembly

I am making the violet gown and this gown simultaneously, for the same lady, so you will see a lot of weird double posts in the future. Trying to get these done before school starts! 

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Purple Robe a la Francaise Back Assembly

The back is done! I love the saque backs, they are just so damn pretty!  The fabric, though-- yet another fabric that I can't photograph well! Ah well.

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 photo purple34_zpsed0cbf37.jpg

Here is the underskirt of the second gown I am making for my dear friend Lucia, who is a historical dancer, artist and party organizer in Italy. I LOVE IT! Wow did it turn out nice. It is a violet dupioni silk-- a fairly rough weave, but I don't care, it's pretty.

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Whelp, it turned out exactly as I saw it in my head.

 photo taupe26_zpsa7a913b3.jpg
I love love love the subtle twinkle of the bugle beads on the trim-- looks so good!

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The second skirt is being worked on, leave it to me to pick persnickety methods of furbelowing! I never choose the easy way out, despite desperately wanting to take the easy way out. Ha!
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 photo ivorypanniers1_zps5ef6c763.jpg

I made these last week, intending for them to be one of my quick morning projects. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no. It took me twice as long as I intended-- four hours instead of two.  I think I just moved way too leisurely to get them done before lunch. ALMOST!! I think with more practice it will get faster. But, for the time being, I'm calling panniers a two-day project. Not bad, though! I'm pretty pleased they are done to completion, useable, and pretty. Win!

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 photo luciapannier0_zpsa8cb70d3.jpg

I made these a few weeks back, but I'm getting ready to build a gown over them, so I thought I'd show them off. Pretty, yeah? I LOVE THEM!!

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I like to make little kid tutus, and thought I would share my method for making them. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother, because it's just a dumb tutu, right?  Well, no. It's a smart tutu. I looked around the web and found hundreds of tutu tutorials, but no one was making them like this, and I don't know why. My goal in creating this tutu method was to make them FAST. I sell these at holiday craft bazaars, and the price has to be reasonable for people to actually buy them. My previous tutus were very labor intensive and thus had to have a higher price tag… and no one wanted a tutu with a price tag that reflected the amount of work put in.  No one. People don’t care. So, I needed a way to make them so quickly that I could sell them cheap and still have a fair profit. I wasn’t willing to make cheapo little crappy tutus, they had to be nice. Really nice. I wanted a tutu that was able to survive years of careless handling. It had to be reversible, so inside out didn’t matter. It had to be fluffy and tidy looking, like a real ballet tutu—not a giant snarly ball of knotted strips. It had to have a nice trim waistband that wasn’t bulky and was easy for the kid to find, grasp and dress themselves. (If you have ever seen a kid all frustrated with a messy half inside out WTF type of tutu, you know why this is important.)

Although this tutu is fast and easy to make, it is not careless. You need to pay attention to what you are doing. REALLY pay attention, so turn off Judge Judy. Tulle can get away from you and ruin your project while you are taking in the luxury to blink. There are several simple steps here aimed at eliminating possible problems and making your construction time easier. Don’t skip these steps, thinking you’ll just be careful and it won’t happen to you. It will. Trust me, I know. Please take the time to steam and press and  tape and mark and sew very straight lines. It really makes a world of difference and eliminates loads of potential frustration. I promise. Don’t be a hero.

Making this tutu is mostly tulle taming, and very little actual sewing. You only have to sew 6 straight lines and that’s about it. Really. Less than 10 minutes using the actual machines, not kidding. The rest of the time you are forcing that tulle to behave so it will slide through the machines nice and smooth without any frustration at all. Tulle can be tamed, and it can be very pleasant to work with. If you have the right tools for the job, tutu making is a piece of cake. There are a lot of little steps, but they are quickly achieved. I can make one of these tutus in about 30 minutes when I'm on a roll.

Are you ready? Here we go!

The short version, for all you smartypants seamsters who already know what's what:

Sandwich a waistband with elastic between two layers of ruffled tulle. Done.

The long version, for those who'd like a step-by-step tutorial that is very loquacious and full of too many photos:

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Alrighty. Sewing room finally back in order, and I was able to roll out my photo background and get some more detailed pics of my yellow dress. 

My overall thought about this dress? LOVE LOVE and LOVE some more. I think it turned out so pretty. It was a total pain in the ass, though. Once it was on and I was all trussed up inside, it was excellent to wear. Comfortable and everything (nearly) stayed neatly in place.  I had very little trouble while wearing it at Twelfth Night, and what little things did go wrong, well, it was my own damn fault, not the dress's. Getting into and out of this gown, however, was a complete and total bitch. One must be very very dedicated to wearing a Venetian to wear a Venetian. Plus, being stone cold crazypants helps. I absolutely could NOT get in and out of this gown without my husband's help, and I'm an expert. There is no way I can sell this style gown to the general public. I need to figure out a more user friendly version. 

Anyway, here are pics:
 photo yelven22_zpseb467b59.jpg

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I wore it the past two evenings at the Twelfth Night events-- pics of being at the event to follow-- and it was really a great dress to wear. Driving in it was a beast, though. I have never been more uncomfortable in all my life, and you are talking to a woman who wore 4 inch heels to work in retail. The gown was quite comfortable over all, I was never too cold or too hot, and I had a lot of fun. I will do a longer write up later about all the little fiddly bits, what I hated and what I loved, but wanted to share some pics!

YOU KNOW IT IS KILLING ME THE TOP LACE IS SAGGING. It was only for these particular pics, it was straight during the event. Dammit. 


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You know, I have made a lot of Venetian gowns. I have made the ladder laces in all different kinds of ways. Lacing rings. Eyelet strips. Yeah. No. Nothing even comes close to Jen’s grand slam idea of the double ribbons.

So, to Jen Thompson, I would like to say, from the bottom of my not-as-clever-as-you costuming heart:

 thank-you Glitter graphics

And I truly mean it. But for you, Venetians everywhere would be suffering from Stupid Ugly Crooked Ladder Lace Syndrome.  Thank you for sharing, you have saved us! All hail Jen Thompson!

Okay, back to boning my bodice.

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I am so glad to be done with these sleeves. They took forever! Not because they were hard, but because I have a cold and everything I do feels like I'm doing it in molasses. Ugh, slow slow slow every stitch was an effort. Plus, that whole Christmastime thingamajig. I'm feeling better now and have already moved on to the main bodice, but wanted to show you the sleeves. I think they are so pretty! I love them! I'm really thrilled that these are actually for ME... I always send away everything pretty I make, but this one gets to stay home! *big stupid happy grin*

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...and there you have it. Now to get that bodice done so I'm not just another topless cookie with fabulous sleeves. 

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