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I am really surprised at how long it took me to make this gown! In my head everything is so simple, yet the execution took 50 times longer than I ever expected.  Real life constantly interrupts me, and I need to find a way to deal with that effectively. .. and I can't really whine about it, as this is a problem every seamstress in the world shares!  If anyone has any tips-- clue me in!  I am already working on my next project, so this post will be rather prose sparse-- but, as I took photos along the way, I might as well show them!

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If you missed my previous post and would like to see the gown all done, you can go here:

LiveJournal Entry

or here:

Starlight Masquerade Portfolio
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...has finally ended.

I don't even have anything left in the tank to do a proper profanities-laden "how I did it" post. These are the photos I took for my website portfolio, and once again, the fabric was CRAZYPANTS to photograph. It had a neon magenta warp and a canary yellow weft... I'm not kidding. It ended up looking like a pumpkin burgundy type color, but up close and in certain lights, this mother was rather electric looking. This fabric was sent to me to use by my client, and I used every last scrap of it, as I always do, right down to last whispy fraying inch. The fabric was physically lovely to work with, the polyester silky behaved nice and easy... but, mentally, it was a total brain-bender. It had swirly vine embroidery, thick velvet flowers, vertical stripes of baby ruffles and a sheen that had to be matched top to bottom... any pattern piece cut sideways or angled was a completely different color. Yikes. But, I worked it and made it work!

I am so glad to be done!

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I have a lovely client named Alisa, from The Ladies of History, and for her next cosplay she would like to be Catherine the Great. She sent me three and a half yards of blue velour upholstery fabric and a vintage fur stole to make the cloak with... Only 3.5 yards? With a nap? For a cloak? That has to go over an 18th century gown? I just about fainted. It couldn't be done! Cloaks need loads of yardage to look nice, a skimpy cloak just looks stupid, especially if you're going to portray a Queen! I had no idea how I was going to make this work.

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