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One more long-overdue project off my plate!

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I am really surprised at how long it took me to make this gown! In my head everything is so simple, yet the execution took 50 times longer than I ever expected.  Real life constantly interrupts me, and I need to find a way to deal with that effectively. .. and I can't really whine about it, as this is a problem every seamstress in the world shares!  If anyone has any tips-- clue me in!  I am already working on my next project, so this post will be rather prose sparse-- but, as I took photos along the way, I might as well show them!

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If you missed my previous post and would like to see the gown all done, you can go here:

LiveJournal Entry

or here:

Starlight Masquerade Portfolio
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...has finally ended.

I don't even have anything left in the tank to do a proper profanities-laden "how I did it" post. These are the photos I took for my website portfolio, and once again, the fabric was CRAZYPANTS to photograph. It had a neon magenta warp and a canary yellow weft... I'm not kidding. It ended up looking like a pumpkin burgundy type color, but up close and in certain lights, this mother was rather electric looking. This fabric was sent to me to use by my client, and I used every last scrap of it, as I always do, right down to last whispy fraying inch. The fabric was physically lovely to work with, the polyester silky behaved nice and easy... but, mentally, it was a total brain-bender. It had swirly vine embroidery, thick velvet flowers, vertical stripes of baby ruffles and a sheen that had to be matched top to bottom... any pattern piece cut sideways or angled was a completely different color. Yikes. But, I worked it and made it work!

I am so glad to be done!

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You know, I couldn't decide between two stomacher styles...

So I made both!


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Alrighty. Sewing room finally back in order, and I was able to roll out my photo background and get some more detailed pics of my yellow dress. 

My overall thought about this dress? LOVE LOVE and LOVE some more. I think it turned out so pretty. It was a total pain in the ass, though. Once it was on and I was all trussed up inside, it was excellent to wear. Comfortable and everything (nearly) stayed neatly in place.  I had very little trouble while wearing it at Twelfth Night, and what little things did go wrong, well, it was my own damn fault, not the dress's. Getting into and out of this gown, however, was a complete and total bitch. One must be very very dedicated to wearing a Venetian to wear a Venetian. Plus, being stone cold crazypants helps. I absolutely could NOT get in and out of this gown without my husband's help, and I'm an expert. There is no way I can sell this style gown to the general public. I need to figure out a more user friendly version. 

Anyway, here are pics:
 photo yelven22_zpseb467b59.jpg

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(Okay, so it’s the Too Fabulous Drag Queen Version, so what?)

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I have written up a small blurb about the fan I made, and sent it off to Bella at Realm of Venus for the Idle Hands challenge. I am very proud of what I came up with! I love love love the flag fan. I enjoyed making it so much that I am going to make and sell them on my website. I think after a few more prototypes, fine tuning all the right sizes and tools and methods and timing, I think I can create a quality product pretty efficiently. Stay tuned!

The 31st was so crazy being Halloween and the last day to complete the challenge, I had to turn on the afterburners to get it all done—no time for progress pics. It turned out exactly as planned, oddly enough. It is stiff and solid and doesn’t flop while being waved around, which was a concern. It makes a great breeze and a nice face shade. I’ve been staring at these fans in paintings for years, and the wicker-style types are clearly just woven around the stick… but most of them are just magically stuck to the stick somehow, and it really took me some time to work out how to do it without fancy woodworking saws and yadda yadda. But, I figured out a way that just worked out perfectly. I am so pleased.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my very first flag fan:

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