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I have completed the underskirt for the robe a la Francaise I'm building over that pink lacy monster pannier I made a few weeks ago.  The photos really don't convey how enormous this thing is!  It is so gloriously ginormously gigantic, my client will feel like she should be roaming the rooms of Versailles. Well, that is, if she is able to exit her dressing room. The door is likely too small to allow this awesomeness to pass.

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I am really surprised at how long it took me to make this gown! In my head everything is so simple, yet the execution took 50 times longer than I ever expected.  Real life constantly interrupts me, and I need to find a way to deal with that effectively. .. and I can't really whine about it, as this is a problem every seamstress in the world shares!  If anyone has any tips-- clue me in!  I am already working on my next project, so this post will be rather prose sparse-- but, as I took photos along the way, I might as well show them!

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If you missed my previous post and would like to see the gown all done, you can go here:

LiveJournal Entry

or here:

Starlight Masquerade Portfolio
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...has finally ended.

I don't even have anything left in the tank to do a proper profanities-laden "how I did it" post. These are the photos I took for my website portfolio, and once again, the fabric was CRAZYPANTS to photograph. It had a neon magenta warp and a canary yellow weft... I'm not kidding. It ended up looking like a pumpkin burgundy type color, but up close and in certain lights, this mother was rather electric looking. This fabric was sent to me to use by my client, and I used every last scrap of it, as I always do, right down to last whispy fraying inch. The fabric was physically lovely to work with, the polyester silky behaved nice and easy... but, mentally, it was a total brain-bender. It had swirly vine embroidery, thick velvet flowers, vertical stripes of baby ruffles and a sheen that had to be matched top to bottom... any pattern piece cut sideways or angled was a completely different color. Yikes. But, I worked it and made it work!

I am so glad to be done!

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You know, I couldn't decide between two stomacher styles...

So I made both!


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Oh, the underskirt. Look at that thing! It’s a magnificent Rococo Monster! I’m not even using a full size pannier, those are just pocket hoops under there! It’s enormous and I adore it.

The pattern is my own, and still needs some perfecting, but I was inspired by these extant petticoat examples:

At the Met

At the V&A here and here

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I forgot to show off my Christmas gift from my husband and son: Fancy scalloped pinking shears! I was looking and looking for something to scallop furbelows, and the little punches they used back in the day are not made anymore—or, they are so hard to come by I wasn’t able to find them. But, I did find these, and put them on my wish list. Previously I used a “scalloped” rotary cutter, which really was just more wavy than anything. This gives the right shape!


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