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Someone posted this on Reddit, and I thought my Victorian-loving friends would find it interesting.

National Garment Cutter Book of Diagrams
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Mystery Of Greystone Mansion in LA

I just happened upon this article, and it struck me as a gorgeous place to take costumed photos! Have any of my Los Angeles area friends been here?

(It was an interesting read, btw!) 
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Love! Love! Love!

I have to show everyone what a supreme craftsperson you are-- look at those gorgeous tiny stitches! Look at how adorable this is! I'm not even going to hide them under an LJ cut or make it "friends only.". I want everyone to see how talented you are!

My snail now has a buddy. I love him! I have no idea how you were clued in that I love birds. Maybe the parrot I always mention who is on my shoulder as I type?

THANK YOU!! You totally made my day.




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You know, I have made a lot of Venetian gowns. I have made the ladder laces in all different kinds of ways. Lacing rings. Eyelet strips. Yeah. No. Nothing even comes close to Jen’s grand slam idea of the double ribbons.

So, to Jen Thompson, I would like to say, from the bottom of my not-as-clever-as-you costuming heart:

 thank-you Glitter graphics

And I truly mean it. But for you, Venetians everywhere would be suffering from Stupid Ugly Crooked Ladder Lace Syndrome.  Thank you for sharing, you have saved us! All hail Jen Thompson!

Okay, back to boning my bodice.

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Well, that was pleasant! I just spent an hour scrolling through this fantastic historical clothing blog, I finally had to pull myself away. SO MUCH PRETTY!   There were many gowns and paintings I've never seen before, and I've seen quite a bit. I only managed to scroll through the 18th century tag, but woooeeee this is a nice collection of stuff! 

(hit the "browse" button to get to the era you want.)

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