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I have made my 10th Kiva loan, to a lady in Togo who makes dresses. I am not telling you this to toot my own horn, but to make you aware of this most excellent charity. Kiva is a way to tangibly and personally help improve the world by helping specific people get a leg up so they can be successful and self sufficient. I love Kiva, It is one of my greatest pleasures to find a lady on the other side of the world who is trying to make a success of sewing and to help finance her dream. All the money I loan out comes back to me, and I re-loan it out again and again... it's only $25. I am almost at the point where each month I can just pick out someone new and help them with the money repaid by the other ladies I've already helped... that is some amazing recycling to help these enterprising women over and over again with the same money.

Would you like to meet the badass seamstresses I have already helped? I love these ladies!

Many times, generous donors will allow anyone to choose someone to fund, for free-- so you can help someone without any money out of your pocket at all-- and it's fun and makes you feel good for helping someone who is working so hard to be a success.  Right now they are offering a free $25 to invest. The money doesn't come back to you, it goes back to the original donor, but you get to choose who to help. Click this invite if you are interested:

By the way, Kiva has a 4 star rating (the best) on Charity Navigator :


Nov. 21st, 2011 01:37 pm
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Does anyone else out there like Kiva? I just made my 4th loan through Kiva and I feel pretty good about it, you know, for actually promoting some genuine world peace and prosperity and all that.  The money all rounds its way back to me and I just keep re-lending it into the global community.  I like to lend my $25 to women who sew, and it’s really hard to pick someone to lend to—I wish I could help them all. The lady I helped today has a small dressmaking shop in Kenya.  She needs to buy a new sewing machine and some fabric and I’m helping her directly to do that.  
These are the ladies I’m currently helping, and I love them and want them to succeed!

If anyone else is interested in putting “Global Financier” on their resume, I highly recommend Kiva—it’s easy and fun and is actually helping the world become a better place.

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