Nov. 20th, 2013 03:45 pm
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Thanks to some invaluable advice from photography savvy friends, namely [ profile] jenthompson and [ profile] katexxxxxx, I have managed to take photos of this dress that make it look nice. THANK YOU! (a lot of photos here)

Let me know what you think, now that you can actually see the dress!

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I made these sleeves in a totally jackass sort of way-- sorry. They have no basis in historical reality at all, I made them so they would be super easy to wear and alter, meaning they needed to be one piece and have an inner seam that completly controls the size of the sleeve. I have thought of a better way to make them easier to deal with, but naturally I didn't think of it until everything was all done. Whoops. Always learning! I wonder when everything will stop being a prototype??
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The bodice fronts came together pretty smoothly, which is totally not normal!

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In the continuation of the Violet gown, I painstakingly cut out all the remaining pieces needed, sliced up and prepped the furbelow strips, and then was suddenly struck to make the stomacher first. I usually leave the stomacher until last, but couldn't this time-- with such a meager amount of fabric left, I had to make sure I had what I needed for the stomacher, and then I could fudge the skirt furbelows with scrap-pieced strips. Couldn't do that with the stomacher! It's such a focal point I wanted it to be lovely-- and I wanted it to be echelle.

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You know, I couldn't decide between two stomacher styles...

So I made both!


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I have sleeves!

They are not yet attached to the main gown, but will be tomorrow. I began to set them, scoffing at the people who call sleeves sleevils. And you know what happened? THEY TURNED SLEEVIL.  It's really awkward getting in there and I kept catching the lining in the seam allowance and enough was enough. Tomorrow I'll tackle it with a fresh head.

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Finally got the skirt fronts attached to the bodice fronts.  Took me all friggin' day, not sure why.  Probably because I fuss and fuss and do and re-do over and over again.  I wonder what it would be like to just slap something together and say, There! Done! and not notice the slightest wonkiness and waste the day trying to get rid of it. I just can't do it. I'm not even a perfectionist (obviously, I'm a total slob and nothing I've ever made has been perfect) So I don't know why I can't just get on with the project instead of miring up getting rid of a wrinkle or whatever. I'm not even successful! I just waste days trying to get it right. Oh well.

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It took me days and days and days to finish this-- end of summer with school looming next week is always a time sucker. Darn kids neeeding clothes and haircuts and school supplies and such.  Earlier in the summer I thought I could FOR SURE get these two gowns done-- ha! What a joke on me that was. Oh well, there is really no due date, I just want to get them done ASAP... so I will keep plugging along, even if it takes me days and days.

If you are looking for an authentic way to put together a historical Robe a la Francaise, you will be disappointed in me. I am cobbling this bodice together with a method I made up with no thought to historicality at all.  The gown is for a dancer, so she needs to be able to dress herself and not wear any stays. This is what I came up with to accomodate her needs.

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taupe robe a la francaise back asssembly

I am making the violet gown and this gown simultaneously, for the same lady, so you will see a lot of weird double posts in the future. Trying to get these done before school starts! 

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Purple Robe a la Francaise Back Assembly

The back is done! I love the saque backs, they are just so damn pretty!  The fabric, though-- yet another fabric that I can't photograph well! Ah well.

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 photo purple34_zpsed0cbf37.jpg

Here is the underskirt of the second gown I am making for my dear friend Lucia, who is a historical dancer, artist and party organizer in Italy. I LOVE IT! Wow did it turn out nice. It is a violet dupioni silk-- a fairly rough weave, but I don't care, it's pretty.

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Whelp, it turned out exactly as I saw it in my head.

 photo taupe26_zpsa7a913b3.jpg
I love love love the subtle twinkle of the bugle beads on the trim-- looks so good!

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The second skirt is being worked on, leave it to me to pick persnickety methods of furbelowing! I never choose the easy way out, despite desperately wanting to take the easy way out. Ha!
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 photo luciapannier0_zpsa8cb70d3.jpg

I made these a few weeks back, but I'm getting ready to build a gown over them, so I thought I'd show them off. Pretty, yeah? I LOVE THEM!!

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