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I love it when something completely blows my mind. I'm so old and jaded that it really is a rare feeling. I just recently learned that ancient Greek statues and buildings like the Parthenon were originally painted with a glorious cacophony of color. I know, I know, late to the party again. This news came out mainstream several years ago. But, can you imagine? I really couldn't. It was so ingrained in me, the plain white statues, looking so, uhm, classy and regal. The artform revived in the Italian Renaissance, mimicking the plain whiteness of what they found buried all over the place from ancient days.. and wrong! All wrong!

I adore all the crazy clown colors and vibrant insane patterns and just wow. Some people complain about how ugly and gauche it looks, but I think it's wonderful. Can you imagine what it must have been like back then, say, standing in the Temple of Athena? What about the Colosseum? The Forum? Were those a riot of painted color as well? It completely changes everything I ever thought about ancient Greek and Roman costume and architecture. It makes it all so much more real and vibrant and pleasant, instead of coldly superior and untouchable. Weird. Mind completely blown. I'll have to redesign my Greek Goddess costume now.

Anyone else's head spin when they heard this news? Anyone know this all along?

Here's some pics of reproductions made from original statues, with the original colors-- ZOINKS! 

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