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I love how it turned out, looks like a pretty princess cupcake!

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 photo ivorypanniers1_zps5ef6c763.jpg

I made these last week, intending for them to be one of my quick morning projects. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no. It took me twice as long as I intended-- four hours instead of two.  I think I just moved way too leisurely to get them done before lunch. ALMOST!! I think with more practice it will get faster. But, for the time being, I'm calling panniers a two-day project. Not bad, though! I'm pretty pleased they are done to completion, useable, and pretty. Win!

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 photo luciapannier0_zpsa8cb70d3.jpg

I made these a few weeks back, but I'm getting ready to build a gown over them, so I thought I'd show them off. Pretty, yeah? I LOVE THEM!!

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Aw, we had such a great time! [ profile] damekaris was completely awesome, she set us up with excellent seats in the balcony with a primo view. I managed to sneak a few photos, but they aren't very good-- but good enough to stoke the memory of the dress gliding around the stage! It looked so pretty! and GOLD! It was just a gleamy gold the whole time, hardly any blue showed up at all. After the show (which was delightful) we were at the meet and greet and damekaris introduced us to many of the key players- director, orchestra conductor, actors-- and we had a really good time. Unbelievably, both Karis and Janet (the actress who wore the gown) each gave me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I felt like a star! How ridiculous! It was awesome! I could get use to accolades like that, lol. There will be no living with me now, my head is so big. ::beauty queen wave::

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So, does this experience make me want to be a "real" costume designer? People always tell me I should be in Hollywood, or working for an opera or something. Hhhmmm, lemme think... OH HELL NO. Are you kidding me? It takes a special kind of crazy/awesome to be a real costume designer. There is no way I could do what [ profile] damekaris and [ profile] fearga (and probably a few others reading this) do. I'm content to sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor-- and such lovely fruits, this play had lots of glamorous costumes put together by Karis, especially loved the blingy rhinestone cream fringe dress! Wow! Anyway, I loved making the gown for the stage, and I loved seeing it up there, and I loved getting so many compliments from complete strangers, and I would absolutely do it again if asked. But, nope, I'm following a much smaller path and I'm happy. 

Thank you, [ profile] damekaris and Janet!
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Oh, the underskirt. Look at that thing! It’s a magnificent Rococo Monster! I’m not even using a full size pannier, those are just pocket hoops under there! It’s enormous and I adore it.

The pattern is my own, and still needs some perfecting, but I was inspired by these extant petticoat examples:

At the Met

At the V&A here and here

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I made a pair of pocket hoop panniers for Lina. I can’t build the dress without these little pretties as a foundation. I love pocket hoops, so easy to wear and maneuver around in. You can sit in chairs, go through doors, drive a car, squeeze by the folks blocking the buffet table and stash your swag… all real life stuff that needs dealing with while in costume. They’re brilliant little contraptions.

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