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I made these sleeves in a totally jackass sort of way-- sorry. They have no basis in historical reality at all, I made them so they would be super easy to wear and alter, meaning they needed to be one piece and have an inner seam that completly controls the size of the sleeve. I have thought of a better way to make them easier to deal with, but naturally I didn't think of it until everything was all done. Whoops. Always learning! I wonder when everything will stop being a prototype??
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I am so glad to be done with these sleeves. They took forever! Not because they were hard, but because I have a cold and everything I do feels like I'm doing it in molasses. Ugh, slow slow slow every stitch was an effort. Plus, that whole Christmastime thingamajig. I'm feeling better now and have already moved on to the main bodice, but wanted to show you the sleeves. I think they are so pretty! I love them! I'm really thrilled that these are actually for ME... I always send away everything pretty I make, but this one gets to stay home! *big stupid happy grin*

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...and there you have it. Now to get that bodice done so I'm not just another topless cookie with fabulous sleeves. 
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OOF. These sleeve tops make me want to fall face first into a chocolate cake.


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Hey! Look what I meticulously hand-embroidered* today!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Too much real life to take care of. BUT, the holiday is over, my son starts back in school tomorrow, my husband is back to work tomorrow, the camping gear is all cleaned and tucked away, my house is tidy enough and I am ready to be sewing full time. I will have about 6 full hours each weekday while everyone is off doing their thing. This will be a time management challenge for me, but the hours are there for me to sew. I’m suddenly not so sure I can complete the dress before Saturday, but I’m going to try.
Yesterday all I managed to do on the dress is glance at it on my way to the computer to book my face.
Today all I managed was to serge the last open seams of the sleeves, mark where to sew pearls and then sew them on. Really it was about 8 pearls, so it was not an impressive feat. But, it’s done and I have two things that look like sleeves now. I was hoping to actually be done with them, but shoot, being a stay at home mom is really a busy busy busy profession and the work is never ending.
So, in a supreme effort to be time management savvy, I really need to map out this dress with a big ol’ daily list, and then work my ass off to get it done. I wish I could hire someone to be my whip cracker. Just stand in my sewing room with an actual whip, and snap it at me any time I veer toward the computer or the exit. Surely someone would like that job. I will pay you in homemade cookies.

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I have returned from the beach, a little sunburned and very happy to have spent 4 days away from it all. It was lovely!

But now, back to the business of completing a dress before September 10th. Can it be done? Not according to my previous track record, but I am super motivated to get it done so my sister-in-law can look spectacular at the Shrewsbury Faire. (Must remember to make myself spectacular as well. Shoot!) I hope the weather this year is nice and cool, slightly overcast, even… we are so miserable when it’s blazing hot and dusty there. We actually haven’t been to that faire in several years just  because of that. They keep promising to move it into the trees where it is nice and shady, but as of yet, no.

Anyway, I was super busy all day, but I was DETERMINED to get some dress done today… so, this evening while I watched a few excellent episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender with my son to wind down, I sewed more pearls onto the other sleeve. (I would show a picture, but camera battery is dead from the beach trip and I forgot to recharge!)   I also rolled right into a Project Runway episode, and may I just say how utterly disappointed I am AGAIN in this show? The last several seasons have just been GARBAGE.  Poor casting, terrible challenges, not enough time to create anything with thought, care and beauty, people who don’t know how to sew and really poor fabric choices. Yeesh. I’m compelled to watch, but I’m about to give up!

I'll be happy if I can get the sleeves done by the end of the weekend. It really is the main wow factor of the gown, and having that out of the way first, it should be less stressful to get the more basic portions done this week.

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Too many things going on today that kept me from doing much sewing, but I managed a little!

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Well, you know that thing called Real Life? Yeah, it got all up in my sewing business today.

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