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Alrighty. Sewing room finally back in order, and I was able to roll out my photo background and get some more detailed pics of my yellow dress. 

My overall thought about this dress? LOVE LOVE and LOVE some more. I think it turned out so pretty. It was a total pain in the ass, though. Once it was on and I was all trussed up inside, it was excellent to wear. Comfortable and everything (nearly) stayed neatly in place.  I had very little trouble while wearing it at Twelfth Night, and what little things did go wrong, well, it was my own damn fault, not the dress's. Getting into and out of this gown, however, was a complete and total bitch. One must be very very dedicated to wearing a Venetian to wear a Venetian. Plus, being stone cold crazypants helps. I absolutely could NOT get in and out of this gown without my husband's help, and I'm an expert. There is no way I can sell this style gown to the general public. I need to figure out a more user friendly version. 

Anyway, here are pics:
 photo yelven22_zpseb467b59.jpg

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I am so glad to be done with these sleeves. They took forever! Not because they were hard, but because I have a cold and everything I do feels like I'm doing it in molasses. Ugh, slow slow slow every stitch was an effort. Plus, that whole Christmastime thingamajig. I'm feeling better now and have already moved on to the main bodice, but wanted to show you the sleeves. I think they are so pretty! I love them! I'm really thrilled that these are actually for ME... I always send away everything pretty I make, but this one gets to stay home! *big stupid happy grin*

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...and there you have it. Now to get that bodice done so I'm not just another topless cookie with fabulous sleeves. 
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I would like to introduce you to the quickest sloppiest crookedest most carelessly created underskirt of all time. Okay, maybe not *the* sloppiest, I’ve certainly made some whoppers in my time, but you get the idea. I gave myself 10 days to create the underskirt and camicia, but I wasted all those days doing nothing.*

*Christmas shopping, acquiring groceries, cleaning dirty house, cooking food so family doesn’t starve, doing 18 million loads of laundry, volunteering at the school, chaperoning a dance, making a Hawaiian Quilt presentation to third graders, making Hawaiian Quilt demo cards from paper, visiting a retirement home, repairing my grandmother's lounge pants because I can't say no, seeing the Hobbit the day before the premiere, getting all sciency at OMSI family night, cheering my son at a swim meet, enjoying two Blazer games, and, and, and SLOTHS! Spending a day cuddling and feeding sloths, fennec  foxes, lemurs, owl monkeys and flying squirrels. So yeah, nothing. 

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