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(Okay, so it’s the Too Fabulous Drag Queen Version, so what?)

The whole saga and loads of pics under the cut! )
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Whew. Yes, it cost money, but I saved the cape. A trip to Michaels, and it dawned on me: Just buy bigger stones. So, each star will have its old rhinestone picked off, and replaced with a larger size, large enough to cover the areola. I bought 4 new different kinds of glue to do sample tests on (AS I SHOULD HAVE DONE TO BEGIN WITH, rookie mistake from Glue 101, ha ha, rolls eyes)  so one of these glues should do the trick.

So, the cape is way more drag queeny than the original cape, but whatever. My friend is an over the top drag queeny bling-bling kind of lady.

I need a drink.

Woe is me!

Jan. 5th, 2012 07:42 am
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The areolas did not disppear. They are permanent. After my full meltdown, complete with hot tears and mentally kicking things, I am left with what to do now. I have a gorgeous cape here, but the areolas are a problem, they are too obvious on the large white stars. The stars cannot be removed without destoying the fabric underneath. My gut instinct is to chuck it and start again, but this time using the proper embroidered stars... but then I think of the cost involved, all the new fabric I would also have to purchase, and suddenly my little project made entirely out of stash fabrics and using no new money has bloated into an expensive time sucking endeavor. I can't do it, I have to somehow repair the damage instead, or leave it be in its nipple form and hope my friend understands.

Today while I am cleaning up the gigantic mess I made creating this cape, I will be thinking thinking thinking of a solution. There has to be one!
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It's laying on my cutting table, all the big cheesy rhinestones nestled in glue on their stars, drying out. I almost had a total meltdown when I saw that my jewel glue exuded some weird unexpected moisture into the satin applique stars, and the colored fabric was seeping through in nice little areolas. I still may have a total meltdown if it doesn't dry out and go away. I would feel bad sending my friend a cape full of rhinestone star nipples, but luckily she has a great sense of humor and would likely prefer it that way. One can only hope.

Once the stones are dry (and hopefully the nipples disappear) pictures will be taken and a completed project post can be made! First completed project of 2012!
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Your cape stars are so completely random and placed dumbly, it screwed up my whole "get it done today" plan. Trying to follow your placement pattern, you know, to be all authenticky and stuff, but apprently the costumer who built your cape just sneezed out the stars and said, "There! Done!"

So, one more day. I should not care about the original star placement and just do my own thing, and most likely I will, but there is something inside me that gets all weird if it's not *just* like the original... Dammit.
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The Wonder Woman cape was hemmed today, and tomorrow it will be complete. I have no more hours left to spend on it after tomorrow, so tomorrow is the day. I will take plenty of pictures and make a nice final post about it. Did I mention I love it and want to keep it for myself?? I may sob into my pillow when I have to send it away.
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Happy New Year, everyone! It is time for me to get back to all the zillion projects I have in my head and sew sew sew. It is my New Year's Resolution to make a sewing schedule and stick to it!

On the roster today: Finish the Wonder Woman Cape! I will be back later this evening with a proper update. I just figured if I declared my intentions, it would actually spur me to get it done. Okay! Off to the land of Red, White & Blue spangles!

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